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The Tigrai Community of Colorado believes that the solutions to our challenges lie with us. Our programs are co-created with community, for community. Join our movement.

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The Tigrai Community in Colorado was founded in 1993 to support Tigraians who fled violence in their homelands and were resettled in Colorado. The association is a primary destination for Tigraian engagement, a locus of learning and celebration, and a connector to Tigraian heritage.

TCC understands that our youth thrive when connected to their roots, community holds the answers to our collective healing, economic empowerment is paramount, and Tigraian solidarity worldwide is key.

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Our programs are by the community for the community.

Tigrigna Language Class

Tigrigna is one of few surviving languages that has its own distinct script called Ge’ez alphabet. We host weekly classes for children and adults, and the classes are taught by elders in our community.
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Camp Tigrai

Tigrians are predominately mountain people. Camp Tigrai is a 2-night, 3-day trip into the mountains of Colorado. This trip is used to emulate that environment to talk about our traditions, customs and roots
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Ashenda is girls' freedom day in Tigrai. Every year Tigrian women eagerly await and prepare for the festival. They sing, dance and play adorned with traditional braids and eye-catching costumes.
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At Tigrai Community Colorado, we’ve a range of events tailored to address the community problems and draw prospects into the future.

Explore Tigrian-owned Businesses

The significant impact of the Tigrian community, and in particularly the economic impact, in the U.S. has been hidden in plain sight. Tigrians are predominately business owners in every industry from construction to car dealerships to cafes. Take a look at businesses in Colorado.





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Our community was named a “Community of the Year” in 2023 by Wa’ela Tigrai. It all happened by volunteers like you.



We exist by the community for the community. Our operations entirely depend on contributions from people like you.