Results: Board Election 2023

1. Vice President Candidate

Kahsay Abraham is more than an experienced real estate agent; he's a passionate advocate for community growth and well-being. Kahsay has been an active and respected member of his community for many years. He understands the unique needs and aspirations of his fellow community members. Kahsay aims to lend his advisory skills to the board, fostering the growth and success of the community he cares deeply about. He is eager to channel his energy and skills into the role of Vice President.
Kahsay G. Abraham

2. Programming Chair Candidate

Agazi Abay, a dedicated and active community member, has been the helping hand and volunteer behind numerous community events and programs. With full commitment and a history of service, he now aspires to become a Board member in order to further elevate his community’s well-being. Agazi is a strong driving force behind the community’s positive change and growth. His enthusiasm for shaping impactful programs and events is unmatched. Agazi is eager to channel his energy and experience into the role of Programming Chair.
Agazi Abay

3. Secretary Candidate

Aziza Mustefa is a highly active and engaged member of our community. Her role as the Treasurer and Co-Coordinator for the Wa’Ela Tigray Conference for the Tigray Communities of North America, as well as her position as the Liaison and Chapter Coordinator for the Tegaru Professionals Network, demonstrate her commitment to community-building. Aziza has many skills including, excellent communication skills, strong organizational abilities, and a talent for drawing in engagement. Aziza is willing to offer her help wherever it is needed, and is ready to contribute her diverse skill set to the role of Secretary.

Aziza Mustefa

4. Women's Committee Chair Candidate

Elsa Hagos, an active community member, has dedicated herself to numerous women and youth events, showcasing her commitment to community building. Now, Elsa aspires to contribute her leadership skills as the Women's Committee Chair, aiming to further empower and uplift her community.

Elsa Hagos

5. Public Relations Chair Candidate

Agazi Halefom is committed to learning, community service, and fostering the next generation of leaders. As a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a BA in Political Science and a Certificate in Peace, Conflict, and Security Studies, Agazi has a solid foundation in critical thinking and diplomacy. He is a true listener who believes in the power of understanding and engaging with community members' concerns and aspirations. Agazi's passion lies in preparing the youth to inherit and uphold the responsibilities of their community once they come of age. With his knowledge, dedication, and a genuine desire to effect positive change, Agazi is eager to contribute to the growth and well-being of his community as the Public Relations Chair.


Agazi Halefom

6. Treasurer Candidate

Mikael Gafi is a proud graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. As a participating member of his community, he is dedicated to making a positive impact. Mikael is enthusiastic about leveraging his expertise in financial planning, budget analysis, and investments. Additionally, he is committed to creating monthly and yearly financial reports, ensuring sound financial organization as treasurer.


Mikael Gafi

7. Youth Chair Candidates

Hewan Kassa, an engaged community member, brings a wealth of experience from her active involvement in numerous youth programs such as Camp Tigray. Recognizing the transformative power of a strong youth community, Hewan is running for Youth Chair with a clear vision—to bring our youth closer and to uplift the next generation. With her dedication and experience, she aspires to lead the charge in building a vibrant and influential youth community.

Hewan Kassa

Dibora Desta is excited to immerse herself in community involvement. With a focus on leveraging her organizational and leadership skills, she aspires to take on the role of Youth Chair.


Dibora Desta